Agnes Dalton, Chairman
American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Mississippi
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Consistency in our news helps unite our efforts to promote the programs and
activities of the American Legion Auxiliary.

A boilerplate at the end of each news release submitted to a newspaper should
include the below information.  Across Mississippi, if we all use this PR tool, we
can educate the public about our organization and present a unified voice
about who we are!

Simply add the below information to end of your story.  It may or may not be
included in your news story.  But, at least the information is there for the editor
or reporter handling the story.  You never know, you may intrigue someone to
find out more about us!


About the American Legion Auxiliary

The American Legion Auxiliary is the largest patriotic women’s service
organization in the world, with nearly 1 million members. Affiliated with The
American Legion, the Auxiliary is a veterans’ service organization with members
in nearly 10,000 American communities. The organization sponsors volunteer
programs on the national and local levels, focusing on three major areas:
veterans, young people and the community.

For more information, contact ______________________ at ---.---.---- or visit  

(Insert your Unit’s PR chairman’s name and telephone number, including area
E-Mail Tags

For those of your who are
computer savvy and want to add a
little pride about your ALA
membership to your e-mail
signature, what about an e-mail
tag?  Simply go into your e-mail
preferences, where you set up
your signature block, and add
these suggested tags.  Every time
you send an e-mail, your recipient
will see how much you value your
membership in ALA:

Proud to be a member of the
American Legion Auxiliary, the
world's largest women's patriotic
service organization, dedicated in
service to veterans, young
people, and community.

Proud member of the American
Legion Auxiliary since ____.  
Dedicated in service to veterans,
youth, and community.

With the philosophy of "Service,
not Self," the American Legion
Auxiliary develops a strong spirit
of volunteerism in its members,
who have joined together in the
fellowship of giving to others.  
Remember others in need;
remember to thank a veteran
every day.
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